I am an expert at working long-distance via the internet. I’ve been¬†doing publishing, layout, and design for 25+ years and have taught the professional design programmes online to the global community for 15+ years. So I know all the tips and tricks and work very fast and wisely. I do presentations about social media and write and edit for many NGOs and education-oriented organisations. I want to bring my professional ability to benefit South Africa.

Layout and Design; and Software Training

As *layout artist* I know the ins and outs of quality typesetting, and because I teach I know all the tips and tricks of laying out fast and accurately. I specialise in speed. As *software trainer* my strengths are that I work in the industry and I know what students need to know for production and for job interviews. I teach with wit and enthusiasm and I am an enthusiast and an enthralled keeper-upper-of-software-cool-features. I have designed and taught my own courses in Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and internet and social media marketing. I have taught for 10 years, both online and onsite classes.

Writing Training and Editing

I have been exposed to many editors over the years and have written blogs, books on English for the schools, my own manuals, and other learning material. I write poetry, and love to edit other people’s work into readable easy-to-understand English. I also do writing training. I have an easy tailor-made writing course individualised for each trainee. If you are worrying about your ability to write, you should let me have a look and see if you could do a few simple things to make writing easier for yourself.¬†