Compliment received for editing from Stephen Faber that is so generous!

Thank you for the sterling job you have done editing, proofreading and formatting my PhD thesis. I was under the impression that editing is about checking spelling and grammar. How wrong I was!

I feel grateful and blessed that I found you and that the last part of my journey included you. Research, and especially a PhD, can be a stressful experience. You took the stress out and you waved your language wand and made me see things that I was not aware of. Your approach immediately gained my trust and from the start, I felt safe with you and my concerns about my writing disappeared. Thank you for the lessons on the side, the tips, the interest and total commitment to my work.

Thank you for enhancing my writing, for making it so much better,  for making me feel that my work is worth the while. I did not expect so much care and added value. The experience turned out to be an inspiration in itself and at the time I needed it most, to get me through the last stretch.

Thank you for your guidance and your unselfish sharing of your valuable knowledge. You give so much more than just proofreading and editing. Working with you on this project became a valuable educational experience and I thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with me.

It was a great pleasure and a privilege working with you!

Stephen Faber PhD
Educate • Entertain

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