A thank you for editing and implementing references in Mendeley from Shola Ojo

You are helping with a language revision. Thank you immensely for your valuable support. I really value your constructive comments and corrections. I have learned a lot from your comments. In fact, I am short of words to describe your kind gesture. 

Later, to the supervisor: Tanya has been so helpful for the past two weeks. We have had several zoom meetings where she has shown me some tricks on how to overcome Mendeley referencing challenges. She has been so patient and generous with her knowledge. Whenever I called or WhatsApp her, she would dump (I just worked later, of course) her other deadlines or commitments and attend to me. I would say she never got tired of making constructive comments on my recurrent linguistic errors. Thank you for referring me to her. Her professionalism has been unparalleled and it is good to have her around.

Shola Ojo

Compliment from Romandi Wagenaar

It is a privilege and an honour to write this letter of recommendation for Tanya Pretorius. We have  worked together over the past two years. She presented InDesign and Illustrator courses at our  company. She is a team player and very generous with her time and knowledge.  

It is notable how Tanya goes the extra mile to make sure her trainees fully comprehend the principles  behind each of the courses. I, as well as my other colleagues, find her to be very approachable and  kind.  

Tanya is dedicated, professional, passionate and very knowledgeable. She has a way of explaining  things which make it easier for us to grasp and apply. Her training helped us a great deal in our daily  task and responsibilities.  

I would highly recommend Tanya for any design training course as her knowledge is of the highest  standard.  

Kind regards  

Romandi Wagenaar

Compliment from Sarah Crowley

Academic Writing Seminar 125

“Thank you so very much for inspiring me to begin writing. Having you break down the work I now see and believe that it is possible. “Read into a structure….” Honestly? I will never forget that and the many other tips you shared.”

Sarah Crowley
Metanoia College

Compliment from Nicola Haskins

I would like to put in writing how helpful and incredible Tanya Pretorius has been during the preparation and completion of my PhD proposal. She has taken hours to help me familiarise myself with the online database and referencing programme Mendeley. She held lengthy zoom sessions where she worked with me on my proposal to ensure I had the skill to work the programme and could implement it into the proposal. What I have learned from her is the knowledge that will help me in the future of writing and publishing of articles.

She was incredibly helpful and edited the proposal with tips and suggestions as well as checking my whole database on Mendeley. I felt quite anxious about the bibliography and making sure it was correct and she worked systematically and thoroughly with me and taught me the skills I required.

Her effort, passion and care during the completion of my proposal have been greatly appreciated and I just wanted to put it onto writing as a form of acknowledgement of her incredible work and help during this time. 

I am truly grateful for TUT and the fact that there is such a person dedicated to helping with editing and reference systems.

The skills I have acquired will stand me in excellent steed for the future.

Thank you very much 
Nicola Haskins 
Tshwane University of Technology

Compliment from Mariska Denyscchen

“Tanya’s guidance towards drafting one’s thesis is extremely useful. Her tips are helpful and comprehensive, all the way from brainstorming and structuring one’s initial ideas, right up to looking at one’s thesis as a whole and fine-tuning its readability. I wish everyone has a Tanya when starting a post-graduate research study.”

Mariska Denysschen
Master’s student

Compliment from Sakhiseni Yende

It gives me virtuous pleasure to write this email and exhibit appreciation for the time you took to edit my academic work.

Thank you for your eagle-eye, and for a potential you saw in me that I never envisaged in my life. You have nurtured it.

As I leave the university, I thought it is important for me to bid farewell to you because you have imparted to me important academic knowledge and writing skills. I believe that the knowledge you gave me will be useful as I continue to shape my career both now and in the future.

Thank you once again for working vigorously on my and my students’ work.

Sakhiseni Joseph Yende 
Master’s Degree in Musical Theatre